Vanuatu National RPAS Registration

All Vanuatu Airspace Is Controlled Airspace

ALL RPAS Operations (drone flights) in Vanuatu operate under the Civil Aviation Authority Vanuatu Rules Part 101.

- unless granted authorisation by the Director of Civil Aviation to conduct an Operation under Rules Part 102.

For Registration purposes there is no distinction between commercial use or recreational / personal use.


In order to Register you must first obtain a RARN.  - a RPAS Aviation Reference Number.

The RARN will then be used for all Registrations and communications.

After receiving your RARN you can then proceed to Register  the RPAS and the Operator (16yrs Min).

* All foreign drones and operators MUST be Registered prior to arrival in Vanuatu and will be checked at Customs

- penalties apply for unregistered drones