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DroneLogbook and Vanuatu launch drone compliance platform for Pacific Islands Tourism

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Vanuatu, Leading drone tourism center in the Pacific selects DroneLogbook to support growing tourism drone industry.
Portland, OR
October 1st. 2017

DroneLogbook ( www.dronelogbook.com ) a leading provider of commercial drone compliance software has been chosen by the Vanuatu Cultural Centre (VKS ) (https://drone.vu), a leader in the new world of drone tourism to provide compliance services for the fast growing drone tourism market.

As part of this implementation, DroneLogbook, working with the Vanuatu Cultural Centre's National RPAS Management has customized DroneLogbook’s Enterprise platform to meet the special requirements of tourist based drone compliance.

“DroneLogbook’s platform was exactly what we were looking for to help us provide a solution customized for our needs. Their private label platform allows us to provide our local regulatory authorities with the data they need to ensure safe airspace while providing the tourists with an easy to use application to file flight plans..” said Mark Lowen, Vanuatu Cultural Centre (VKS) RPAS Operations Manager.

He went on to add “DroneLogbook’s flexibility allows us to provide a solution that meets the needs of our residents, tourists, public safety and regulatory agencies in one application. In addition, their willingness to work with us on custom solutions is of great benefit to our local economy as we continue on our path to becoming a leading drone tourist destination.”

Yves Jusot, DroneLogbook Managing Partner added “DroneLogbook is dedicated to working with groups that serve not only the commercial market but that help improve public safety. Vanuatu is leading the way in developing concepts that will allow for pre approved flight paths to showcase the best aspects of each area. This application can be applied to any tourist destination, allowing for great video’s for the tourist and better regulatory control for local compliance.

DroneLogbook’s top tier plan (Enterprise Plan) provides Operators with a cloud based application (with mobile and offline capabilities) encompassing all the features needed to maintain regulatory compliance. The platform provides inventory control and other asset management features, mission planning, the ability to import telemetry data, manage documentation and most importantly create compliance documentation in matter of seconds.

About DroneLogbook

DroneLogbook provides the commercial drone industry with compliance software (SaaS) to help commercial drone operators to plan and manage flights, documents, maintenance etc. to better manage operations and maintain regulatory compliance.

About Vanuatu Cultural Centre (VKS)
The Vanuatu Cultural Centre (VKS) is responsible for the management of Vanuatu RPAS Operations as mandated by the Vanuatu National Cultural Council.
Working in partnership with the Civil Aviation Authority Vanuatu, the VKS believe successful drone integration in Vanuatu will only be achieved through sound management of RPAS Operations, thus accounting for all CAAV rules and regulations and social considerations throughout the country.
The current project is the implementation of a clear and precise national management platform that will foster an environment where both local and visiting Operators can fly with confidence and safety and Vanuatu can internationally promote itself as a leading drone tourism destination.

- All registered Operators are provided Vanuatu DroneLogBook for 30 days* free of charge to promote professional and safe RPAS Flight Operations, monthly or annual renewal for Vanuatu Residents is available on request.

*30 days subscription is usually more than enough for Visitors to Vanuatu. Visitors can have their DroneLogBook  Flights copied to their own DroneLogBook Account when they get back home if they wish.